By Dave Sharp & Chris Kaercher

LOOTMAR (WIND SONG) was composed during one of the many writing sessions that Chris and I had in preparation for the recording of the Secret Seven CD “7.”  We had Indian music in mind when we put together the main melody, as well as the image of the sun setting over the landscape somewhere in India.  We started with the bass line, which drones against the open D string, and Chris added his expansive tenor saxophone melody over the chord changes.  When I listen to the recording now, I dig the atmospheric work of Dale Grisa on Hammond B3 organ at the introduction and throughout the tune,  and the solid percussion work of John Churchville on Tabla.  The finale of LOOTMAR contains a “round”, the same melody played by two different voices, but starting at different times.  The rich stylings of Ross Huff (from the Macpodz) is featured on this recording harmonizing the main melody, and he plays the second voice of the “round” melody on Flugelhorn during this section.  Why the title LOOTMAR (WIND SONG)?  LOOTMAAR is a Hindi movie from 1980, and my friend Scotty played the soundtrack for me back in the day, while driving around Pasadena and downtown Los Angeles.  This started what is now a 20 year listening spree and appreciation for Indian music.  WIND SONG? I give my son Elvin credit for that, as he was three years old when he first heard it, and thought the introduction sounded like a wind song.
-Dave Sharp




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